The WeeklyHarvest Meal Subscriptions Wait List is Now Open!

Connecticut’s tastiest and easiest way to eat local, seasonal, delicious meals delivered farm-fresh each week.

We all want to support our local farmers.  We all know it’s better to eat fresh, seasonal food.  We all know that it is a lot of work to do all that while keeping it affordable and delicious!

WeeklyHarvest is the sure solution to eating local delicious meals without breaking the bank (or a sweat).

All our meals are made on a luscious bed of aquaponic greens grown on our new farm in New Britain.


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We’re still building out our new greenhouses, so our current capacity is limited to a total of 300 salads per week!

That may seem like a lot, but with a total capacity of over 5000 meals per week, this really is ground floor of the WeeklyHarvest Meal Subscription Service.  You’ll be a founding member!

Since we offer up to 5 meals per week per subscriber, that 300 is going to run out really quickly!

Once we fill up our current capacity, we won’t have any room for new members until the early spring when we finish building out the remaining greenhouses. Secure your spot today if you want farm fresh food all winter long, grown right here in Connecticut!

You can secure your spot on the waitlist with a one-time deposit, which will be deducted from your bill when your subscription starts up and your first meals are delivered.

Features & Benefits

Meal subscription deliveries will start on Sunday, November 3rd and will be dropped at your house each Sunday thereafter, so you can have your meals in time for the week.

Each meal is designed to fill you up on delicious local ingredients. Each meal comes with

  1. a base of our premium aquaponic greens, hand picked fresh for each meal

  2. a variety of locally sourced, seasonal fruits and vegetables to add flavor, color, and nutrition

  3. a carefully selected mix of toppings including seeds, nuts, and more

  4. a chef curated protein based on your eating preferences whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan

  5. house-made dressings using locally sourced ingredients like fresh herbs

Our menu rotates monthly and is curated by local chefs from around Connecticut.  Not only do these chefs know how to balance a delicious, nutritious, and satisfyingly filling meal, they also know how to source their ingredients directly from other local Connecticut farms.  We like to say, “Grow what we can, collaborate on the rest!”

About us

We’ve been growing with aquaponics since 2012 and recently moved into our biggest farm yet!  We’ve run our meal subscription at our previous location to great success and are so excited to be offering it once again, at our new farm!

We’re also partnered with some of the best local chefs and local farms, including Gotta’s Farm, Forest City Farms, and Killem & Basset, who will be providing seasonal produce, proteins, and culinary guidance on the menu!

We guarantee you’ll love our chef-curated recipes. In fact, if you aren’t happy with our recipe offerings after the first 3 months, we’ll work with you personally to find a recipe suited to your tastes! We’re all about making WeeklyHarvest a subscription service that matches exactly what you’re looking for!

There really is no easier way to eat locally, easily and affordably. With home delivery and only 60 seconds per week to choose your meals, you’ll save time and money by signing up, not to mention you’ll be eating the best food in the state!

The wait list is currently open, with a maximum 300 meals per week available right now.  We’re currently anticipating the waitlist to sell out before November 3rd when the meal subscriptions go live, so don’t wait till launch day to order!

Put down your deposit now to guarantee your meal subscription! If you miss out now, we won’t have any more room for new subscribers until the fall.  

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